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Advanced Email Marketing (MailRoom Pro)

Sometimes, one email campaign just isn't enough. If you want to run multiple email campaigns to up to 25 different mailing lists and reach five times the number of recipients every month, then you need the Mailroom Pro package.

NetRegistry's new Mailroom Pro service gives you access to the fully-featured and hosted Mailroom email newsletter system, but with additional levels of service the basic package can't offer. With your Mailroom Pro account, you can control multiple email campaigns from a single, easy to use interface.

Mailroom Pro includes all the features included in the standard Mailroom service, with the following extras.

Multiple campaigns
There are many reasons why you may benefit from multiple campaigns. You might have more than one online brand capable of benefiting from the service. Your current brand may offer services that require separate mailing lists and campaigns. You might even want to offer newsletter services to your clients, reselling the ability for your customers to market their businesses.

Up to 25 mailing lists
Upload up to 25 customer email lists to the Mailroom Pro system and manage multiple campaigns with ease.

Send to a massive 50,000 email addresses with one button click
Mailroom Pro allocates each user fifty thousand credits each month to use against their email campaigns. Use them gradually, sending a number of email campaigns to small mailing lists or blow them all in one big monthly campaign. If you need more, you can negotiate with our sales team to buy additional credits.

* Reach more customers with a number of tailored campaigns
* Design specific campaigns to service different mailing lists for more targeted marketing
* Represent different brands from the same account
* Develop a community of regularly returning customers


MailRoom Pro Pricing

  Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription


$99 per month $1,188 per annum
Setup Fee $79 Free


To order, simply call 1300 79 89 01 and enquire about the MailRoom Pro Program!


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